Re: Is there Nextion 5" firmware for Basic LCD NOT Enhanced?

Joe Puma

The 5” reworking I did was for the non enhanced. Should be floating around on the group. Another contributor named Marked took my HMI file and further enhanced it.  He had a enhanced version. It easy to take a hmi and reconfigure it for enhanced or non enhanced. 


On Jul 7, 2019, at 9:28 AM, jsternmd <jsternmd@...> wrote:

I ordered the enhanced version and received the basic version.  The only LCD .tft firmware I could find for the Nextion 5" firmware was in the BITX20 File section and was not labeled either for basic or enhance.  However when I loaded it onto the Nextion, I got an error msg saying my model (NX8048T050) was the wrong model.  Am I stuck buying and waiting for another Nextion 5"?  Does anyone know any US sellers?

Jerry NY2KW

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