Re: uBitx not receiving well on CWU or CWL

Mike Kilpatrick <mike.kilpatrick@...>

Hello Derek,


I’m no expert but here’s what got me out of trouble when helped by others:


We have a CW practise station here in VK-land  which transmits constantly on 3.599 MHz so I tuned to this and tweaked the CW BFO setting on the uBitx whilst listening. It worked fine for me. I guess any CW station will do the trick.   My setting ended up at 11.055.105 which might put you in the ballpark.


To have ubitx display the same Tx & Rx freq on CWL or CWL open uBitx Memory Manager.  Connect to uBitx. Read from uBitx. Then check the “Enabled Adjust CW Tx Frequency” and  “Shift Display Frequency on CWL, CWU Mode” boxes.  Leave the “CW Freq Adjust Value” at zero.


Hope this helps.

Mike   VK2DJP



From: derek (G4VWI) via Groups.Io
Sent: Sunday, July 7, 2019 05:05
Subject: Re: [BITX20] uBitx not receiving well on CWU or CWL


Hi Mike and others. What is the best way to calibrate CW RX BFO using the KD8CEC firmware.

There appears to be little written about this elsewhere so I was wondering how successful you were in sorting out receive in CWU and CWL by tweaking the CW RX BFO settings? How close did you get to sharpening up the reception of CW signals using the CWU and CWL modes in the KD8CEC firmware?

Did you use a signal generator or CW signal on a known frequency, or did you just tune to a strong CW signal and tweak for best audio? What have others done to obtain the best results?

Best wishes.
Derek G4VWI.



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