Re: Remote access - I want to connect ubitx to Raspberry PI and remote in #remoteaccess


There's an article in the Oct 2018 QST about a ubitx-based "appliance" interfacing with, get this, not a raspberry pi, but an Asus Tinkerboard - the creator, Chuck Kelly, found that a pi 3 does not have enough processor power to decode FT8 in a timely manner.

Seems like if you are going to do audio streaming and maybe FT8, a Tinkerboard would probably be called for or possibly the new pi 4, which seems to have similar specs to the Tinkerboard. Beware though, the pi 4 has the micro hdmi outputs so adapters are required. I don't have any experience with either, although I've used a pi 3 for WSPR with good success.

Roman, K7TXL

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