Re: Remote access - I want to connect ubitx to Raspberry PI and remote in #remoteaccess

Jens Kaemmerer

I am running my uBitx v5 24/7 - connected to a Raspberry PI 3 as an FT8 'monitor'. I can access
it from anywhere on any device (laptop, iPhone, iPad) with VNC and OpenVPN. A big advantage
of this setup is that the radio is always 'ready for action' - even if I have only a few minutes time
to transmit (FT8 or FT4 or FS8).

As others have mentioned, the Raspberry PI comes pre-installed with VNC.

OpenVPN can easily be installed with:

OpenVPN allows to access the Raspberry PI VNC server with the same IP address / portnumber
used in your in your local network (without VPN connection). OpenVPN client applications are
available for all major platforms.

Of course, once you have established the OpenVPN connection, you can access any other
part of your home network (fileserver, printer, etc.) as well - not just VNC running on the
Raspberry PI.

I do not not recommend to directly enable a port to connect to the Raspberry PI VNC server,
instead enable a port to connect to the OpenVPN server.

-jens (KM6ZJV)

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