Re: Remote access - I want to connect ubitx to Raspberry PI and remote in #remoteaccess

Evan Hand

I would start with a search for VNC on Raspberry PI.  The Raspian software comes with the VNC server installed, it just needs to be enabled.

You will also need the viewer (used to be client for us old dogs) to load on to  your "remote" device (assume laptop).  Here again I would look on the internet for the download, one is through

Here is the Raspberry Pi Org link:

I would make sure that it works inside your network first, before then setting up your router to forward the VNC port so that you can connect from anywhere on the Net.

Here is the Realvnc link for Windows (though there is a link for the other OSes as well):

If you are not sure on port forwarding, I again would look up instructions for you router on the internet.  That tends to be somewhat specific, so cannot provide a link for your router.

When you do open your network to the internet, be SURE you have strong passwords configured in the VNC software, Router Admin, and the Raspberry Pi.

Above are things to do until Don can get back to you with more specific advise as I have not connected to my uBitx, though have done the VNC on Raspberry Pi.


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