Re: [UNTRIED IDEA] Bitx40 conversion for 6 & 2 metres #bitx40 #6meters

Kelly Jack

I have a spare bitx40. I also have other 40m qrp portable radios cw and ssb. Id like to get on 2m ssb/cw. I do not have a 10m rig. The choice is to either mod the transverter to use a 7mhz transceiver as the IF or mod the bitx40 to 10m. It seems easier to mod the transverter and I can likely use one of the spare raduino outputs for the new LO required for the transverter  or maybe a progrock from qrplabs. And I would still have a 40m radio that is otherwise useful rather than a 10m rig which isn't going to be doing much at this point in the cycle.

Is a 7mhz IF for 2m going to put the image too close to the desired signal on one of those Ukrainian transverters?



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