Re: [UNTRIED IDEA] Bitx40 conversion for 6 & 2 metres #bitx40 #6meters

Kelly Jack

Would 7mhz be too low as an IF for a transverter for 2m? What about 6m?

Im thinking 130mhz (LO - IF) might be too close to desired RF of 144. 14MHZ separation at 144mhz only 10% difference.

Obviously 6m would be relatively further away.

What are the rules of thumb for choosing an IF?
filtering is a factor of course but at some point filter performance needs to be too good to make it more practical to choose a different IF.

Looking for a use for a spare bitx40 I have and thinking about modding one of those Ukrainian transverters to use IF 7 instead of 28mhz.



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