Re: Antuino 2.0

David Wilcox

The Antuino that Farhan sold at FDIM comes in a metal case.  I have no stray RF in my shack..... all xcvrs are turned off when using the Antuino.  Mine runs from internal battery power so no power supply noise.  Keep the suggestions coming.  It is a neat idea and is accurate (compared to my other analyzer) when it settles down.  I just put a dummy load on it and turn it off and on until it reads 1:1.  Sometimes it never does so I shut it off and do other things.  The next day it works again.

David J. Wilcox K8WPE’s iPad

On Jul 4, 2019, at 9:40 AM, Rob Bleumer <rob.bleumer@...> wrote:

HI all,
I had the experience that the AD8307 is verry sensitive to HF signals. For my sweeperino I had to protect it by puting it in a shielded box. Even my WSPR transmitters 0.2W were disturbing the messurements in my shack with mij Sweeperino build with RAZZIES solution of dragons . Here I see no protection at all and many HF signals coming from SI5351.
I propose puting it in a seperate shielded compartment even so the 25Mhz filters to avoid problems.

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