Re: Newby - uBitx powers on but no Rx

Lawrence Galea

Just for testing if you plug in a piece of wire, the longer the better, to the antenna scket you should hear some signals on one frequency or another.
Try different bands and see if you can receive anything.
The lower frequency bands are better at night.

On Thu, Jul 4, 2019 at 2:14 PM <adrianabshire@...> wrote:
I’m a definite newby to all of this.  I have two uBitx radios and both pretty much do the same thing. 
I get power to the radio - LED display lights up and shows the display correctly.  If I plug in a speaker (using a guitar amp for testing) I get some static and when I run the channels up/down I can hear some hissing and other noises.  
I believe I have wired the radio up correctly and have a 20-meter J-Pole antenna (not hung in a tree yet) that is extended out on the floor in the room.  Not sure how to really test that the radio will receive - I will wait to receive something before transmitting.  Is there an app or program that would show me chatter on a particular 20-meter station so I know exactly which frequency to put in? I’m new here so my knowledge of the lingo (both HAM and electrical) is limited but I’m learning tons every day!  Thanks for such a great forum!

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