Re: Antuino 2.0

Ashhar Farhan

You can recalibrate. Hold down the button when you switch it on, it falls into calibration menu..choose power calibration and let it do its work

On Sun 30 Jun, 2019, 9:26 PM Daniel Walter via Groups.Io, <> wrote:
Tried out my Antuino 2.0 during FD and was a bit disappointed. While the SWR curve and minimum agreed with other meters, SWR was rather far off. a 1.1:1 20 M antenna read as 2.5:1 on the Antuino. Other antennas were similar. Now home, I checked SWR with a 51ohm pure resistive resistor and it reads 1.2:1 at 14.1 MHz. a 100 ohm pure resistive resistor read 3.5:1 on 20 meters! Any ideas on how to calibrate to make this accurate?
Dan, NM3A

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