Wayne Leake

 I will second that is a good place to buy cases, as well as some parts and kits.
 I saw, and bought, a board pair for a though hole BITX40.
  It consists of an exciter board, and a PA/Power Supply board.
 The one I chose uses a different balanced mixer set, rather than making them as per many.
 Had to search and find the balanced mixers, but will be happy with them.
 Then, from the information that came with the boards, found that they sold a parts kit as well, which I also bought
 Both the boards, and the parts kit came with a CD that has virtually all the files to build their kits. Not just the BITX units, but other boards and kits.
 They have a number of cases, many are specific for BITX and some for uBITX. The only other specific cases would be, as far as I know, from individuals and small companies making 3D printed cases.
 I shy away from the latter, as I want an all metal case for the shielding.
 I started working on a case I already had, for one of Farhands BITX40's, which I bought before he came out with the raduino.
Wound up buying a raduino to use with it, then bought a second with raduino.
 a bit too difficult to fit the BITX40 and raduino in the case, so started looking into others.
 So bought an all aluminum case that has the extra space, plus some for added kits (like AGC and others).
 Not enough space for the 2 board kit,so wound up buying a case on Bangood that has the extra space.
Only caveat with it is the need to bond the front and rear panels to the main covers, as they use plastic parts to hold them together.
 One could fabricate metal parts, eliminating the need for extra bonding.
 Now I have an idea for that, which will use either some aluminum parts, or copper.
  I get ideas as I go.
 When I get done, will have 2 BITX40s  and a BITX20. Decided to make the 2 boards into a BITX20 instead of another BITX40.

 Wayne WA2YNE

On Thu, Jun 27, 2019 at 9:58 PM Mark Hatch <mark2382@...> wrote: is Great. You get all the pieces to  put together a great system. DYI would cost much more. Do they have Bitx40 case? My happy experience is with their ubitx case kits.


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