Re: Has anybody gotten KD8CEC's SWR meter to work and can share how?

Don - KM4UDX

I've used Ian's MM to change increments, add my call sign, etc.  I saw the i2c options but left them alone...for now...

okay, so to get PWR (at least) FWD PWR to display on my current nextion screen...I do the following outline steps...(see questions along the way)

get Nano#2 [q: type/model?]
update Nano#2 with
install nano#2 and arrange for appropriate +5V power Nano#2 (I have extra 5v ready to go)
Patch nan#2 into yellow wire to nextion
wire bridge to nano#2 -- like your white and gray wires?
use uBITX MM to select options on CEC1.1 to enable i2c meter and update uBITX (q: is there a posting for the options/values I need to set in MM?)
Other steps?

Also, what is the circuit in Ian's upper left side liked to "High-Vol", and do I need that?

you mentioned the important post 1/3 ...I'm lost on trying to find the first post?

Thank you thank you thank you!


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