Re: Has anybody gotten KD8CEC's SWR meter to work and can share how?

Don - KM4UDX

Mark -- I see building the bridge from p&K. That looks fine. And I see how that hooks to the two RF power pins. Basically a insert on the RF out line. No problems with that, i think. haha.

Q: Ian's page makes lots of references to i2c meter. What is that? I want to use the long bar on the nextion screen. Is that the i2c meter? And how do I add an other nano? I've never done that, so it seems a total mystery.

I see his white and yellow going to a nano, but not clear on the black/ground. The diagram has the ground going to a different nano. 

Which of the two nanos in the diagram is the orignal?

Do I have to update any firmware in the second nano?  How do I install the second?

I'm on 1.1x (i think) in the uBITX, and I found a nextion file that worked for the 4.3. Do I have to mess with any of that s/w?

Sorry to be so clueless, but this is all new to thank you with the help!!


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