Re: Has anybody gotten KD8CEC's SWR meter to work and can share how?

Don - KM4UDX

Mark — i’m In the same boat. I would love for the SWR and power meter to work. The power meter would really help to keep the drive level in check so I avoid the RF nasties.  

My v4 and 4.3 nextion are otherwise Devine. 

But getting a watt meter and SWR would be serious gravy. 

Problem is is I have no (nada, zip) idea how to proceed. Could I ask you for some handholding here? First steps etc?

thanks ooo much for any guidance. 

P.S. my band hopping WSPR performance is typically near the top of the WSPRnet two-way ranking. For my grid-square FM18, i’m Typically  #1.  All with my V4 uBITX and a $38 AtomicPi and a DIY 80-10 OCFD. 

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