Mag Loop for HOA's??

Jack, W8TEE


There are several publishers who have expressed interest in publishing the new Projects book. While I was not able to contact each of them, I was told that releasing details now about projects that are to be published in the book would lessen their interest in publishing it. So we find ourselves in a rock-hardplace situation: Releasing the info now lessens the chance to get the book published but also delays implementation for those who have an interest in it.

I know this sounds harsh, but the book publishing is the only way we're going to recoup any of the money we've spent on all of the projects, which has not been a trivial amount. In other words, releasing details on the Double-Double now pretty much puts the kibosh on all of the other projects in the book, too. Therefore, we will put the D-D on the back burner for now until we finish the book.

I really am sorry about this, but please view this as a delay, not a refusal...

Jack, W8TEE

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