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Thanks for the offer Bruce. Let's keep it in mind and see how it goes. Over half the orders I had were from the UK, other than that US, Singapore and New Zealand. I don't know if that's because I announced the list on the GQRP mailing list and therefore more UK members joined, or if people were more inclined to buy locally to keep postage costs down. Though at £1.31 for postage for the packs to the US and worldwide, it wasn't too bad.
Is anyone a member of the US QRP-L list? I was but I couldn't handle the huge volume of email so I unsubscribed. Perhaps someone who's a member might like to announce the existence of this group, I'm sure the BITX20 would be of interest to many on that list too.
73 Hans G0UPL

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I realize that I'm late getting into the group.  Jameco (
has 10 MHz, 50 ppm crystals for $0.69/10, $0.59/100+, $0.49/1000.  I think
that corresponds to 0,38 L/10, 0,32 L/100, and 0,27 L/1000 (I don't have a
symbol for British pounds on my keyboard).
Hans, you're going beyond the line of duty to take on the ordering task.  If
there's some assistance you need from the US side of the pond I'm willing to
Bruce Raymond/ND8I
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The two extra sets are already accounted for! Seems I should have bought
more spares, but I didn't really want to be stuck with components and be
unable to do anything with them.

I can get more sets, but without the savings from getting 10+, 25+ and 100+
prices on some items, the price would be £11.64 + postage (compared to £8.19
for this bulk-purchased set). Alternatively, tell me you're interested and
we'll wait say until next Wednesday same time (13:00 UK time) and see how
many orders arrive. Perhaps get some quantity discounts again, if there are
enough more people interested. What do people think?

And if anyone needs any particular component and can't source it locally
(e.g. IRF510 being sent to Baino in Singapore) then I can sort that out for
you too, just email me.

72/3 de Hans G0UPL

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