Re: Beta 1: Nextion files for 5", 7" and 9" screens for CEC software


This looks great! 

On Sun, Jun 23, 2019, 14:27 Mark Hatch <mark2382@...> wrote:

Hi all,

Happy to announce that I have completed what i consider "beta 1" for the 5" version of the CEC user interface. Note this user interface is substantially different than the original one released by KD8CEC (see screenshots below). It has been optimized for 800x480 screens and is probably not easily migrated to smaller ones (sorry), But if you are a lucky ham with either a 7" or 9" Nextion, should be a simple matter of opening the ".hmi" file up in the Nextion editor, change the Device settings to match your screen, and compile it to create a tft file. I would also like to acknowledge the original work done by Joe Puma (KD2NFC), without his headstart, i would probably have not been able to complete this.

The files (both .tft and .hmi are in the files section for this group.: Files/AJ6CU Nextion 5-inch files/Nextion5inch June 23, 2019-Beta1/

The following screenshots show some of the new GUI.

The main change here was to Group the various functions in to "Applications", "Settings" and "Expert". I did some renaming so that it was clear on the function. Also, Factory Recovery now has its own screen that clarifies what is happening (for dummies like me...). And there is an "About" screen...

Every applications should have its own About screen. :-) . Note that in addition to credits and version, there is a list of the 3 known problems.

Save/Recall from Memory
Ok, probably didn't have to redo this one, nothing really wrong about the way it was done. But I added a popup virtual keyboard for adding a label/tag to a memory location. And I also made sure that the Current VFO setting was kept update. That allows you to turn around on your VFO while the Store to Memory is onscreen and you can save it whenever you find something interesting.

The Bandscan as originally designed had a number of problems including only able to look at signals 2k at a time and a maximum bandwidth of ~250kHz. This meant that if you scanned 80m, you only got the bottom half of the band. I personally didn't like the way bands were pre-selected, i preferred that the user could select any three in any order. I also added several missing bands.  (For folks outside of USA FCC, it is easy to change these bands from within the .HMI file. Let me know if you would like to do this and I will provide details.) . There are still some room for improvements here. I might experiment with a smaller frequency step and smaller scan bandwidth. But that would be a future effort... 

The first photo below shows the popup selection of offsets from the beginning of the band (I used a mechanism similar to how the mode CWL/USB, etc is selected on the front page). The second photo 
shows a completed band scan that gets to the top of the 3 selected bands. 

CW Decoder
Made some minor GUI changes and renamed this to reflect its functionality. Added a slider switch on left to select between Signal analysis and CW decode.


Factory Recovery
Previously, pushing Factory Recovery required you to press it 3 times to run Factory Recovery. But there was no explanation of what it did and why you probably did not want to do it. I added a separate screen with explanation and double confirmation.

Main Menu

Just added direct access to Store/Record to Memory (see upper right). Also liked this spectrum I captured on Field Day. :-) 

My Setup
Not sure anybody cares, but I ran both a 5" and a 3.2" display simultaneously (thanks Ian!) during development. This allowed me to quick answer the question: "What did Ian originally attend for this screen to do?"  It was very helpful and I recommend this to anybody else that is doing development for Nextion.

That's all for now!

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