Bitx-40 net? #bitx40

Robert D. Bowers

I've been trying off and on for over a year to make a contact with my "new" bitx40, and the closest I came was today... I tried to jump in on field day (I'd forgotten about it until nearly 2 today) and the guy didn't complete the contact - he passed me by after repeating my callsign and his designation.  I've tried calling CQ several times since I got the radio - from the readings I've gotten, I'm getting out (on frequency and it should be a clean signal) - but no replies besides the one.

I've heard that there is a bitx40 net on 40 meters on Sunday afternoon... 7.170 from what I've read.  Will anyone be on there?  I really would like to use this radio for which it was made... qrp SSB ragchewing (and emergency operations as needed).


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