New UBitx v5 Cannot Tune in Signals on Field Day + Lots of Birdies


Just got my new UBitx v5 with firmware 5.1.  While waiting for the board, I got a nice case from and prepared it per instructions.  Only thing I added was creating a single chassis ground, grinding off paint, and using that as a star-point to ground the UBitx board and the other analog/digital PCB that includes to facilitate wiring.  When I got the UBitx I hooked it all up and it powers up fine however inot a dummy load the background noise level 'sounds' high and there are birdies in a lot of spots on the ham bands.  I tried to systematically tune to see if any pattern but there were quite loud ones and then quieter ones in between so I gave up for now.  Next since this weekend is ARRL Field Day I tried to tune in stations on 40m and 20m without any success.  Many stations were booming on the UBITx (i double checked and these were S-9 on my Flex) and dozens of S5 or better.  I could not tune in any station to understand the voice.  I thought maybe LSB and USB were somehow reversed because it sounded a lot like the problem if you have the wrong sideband selected.   Any advice appreciated.  

Jerry NY2KW

PS I have a UBitx v3 in a friends house which I will pick up tonight to see how that differs.  Am I correct that I should not swap Raduinos, i.e. not to use the v5.1 Rad on the UBitx v 3 ???

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