Re: #v5 finally got my V5 together and working, PA bias question #ubitx #v5 #pabias


Hi Dennis,

This seems perfectly normal to me.  My v3 (as delivered without and changes to the bias) on CW drew from 2A on 80m to less than 1A on 10m, on SSB with a microphone and a loud "hello" it should require similar current draw.

Did you read somewhere that it is supposed just draw 1A?  This wouldn't made sense.  The rig draws about half and amp on idle without speaking into the mic.  So that figure would make just half an amp over that for transmission.  0.5A x 12V makes 6W consumption and at about 2/3 efficiency that makes just 4W out -- for sure the radio can do more than that on some bands.



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