Re: Bitx 40 - My Raduino doesn't look like the others #bitx40help #bitx40 #radiuno

Wayne Leake

 Yes, you need to check the connectors for the rig you are using.
 Easier for them to simply use one set of connectors as there is less demand for the ones for the BIT40 now.
 I will be making one for a BITX20 also,as I have a bare board kit for 20, 40 or whatever band I  choose

Wayne WA2YNE

On Fri, Jun 21, 2019 at 10:55 AM Michael Shreeve <shreevester@...> wrote:
I  checked, and considering the orange goes to 12 v from pin 2, that plug in is correct .  Yes, it is necessary for the correct band bitx software to be loaded by HFSIGNALS . They most likely do these one at a time custom these days.  If the software  isn't correct,  there are things necessary to learn,  exciting stuff,  already on line,  and with help ,  you could be successful.  

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