UBITX Low Rx on all but 40M

Bob Fischer, Fischer Technical Services

My uBITX works great on 40M.  However, receive sensitivity is very low on all other bands.  20M & 80M S9+40 signals on my Icom 706 can barely be heard.  My first thought was the high pass filter might actually be tuned to 40M.  Jumped it out and that did not help.  Then thought there might be some kind of crazy problem with K1 or K3 that I did not understand.  Replacing both of them did not help either.  Loading KD8CEC software did not cure the problem.  I saw that an Op in Chile had also posted this or a very similar problem but I could not find any suggestions offered.  Has anyone else seen - and hopefully solved - this problem?   Any suggestions will be appreciated.   WB8BEL

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