Re: µBITX V5 build complete (for now)

Jeff Karpinski (N0KAI)

Thanks for the kind words Joel!

I think the R70 point is recommended for R4 boards but I defer to the kit-projects guys. I used the volume pot high point. Tune up one of the FT8 frequencies and you'll know if AGC is working. It definitely knocks down strong signals. I have noticed even in "fast" mode, it still can't squelch lightning crashes though. Buggers can be downright painful when wearing headphones.

As for the A7 s-meter, don't forget to enable it in uBITX Manager. Here's the guide I followed and it got my meter working as good as can be expected:

73, N0KAI.

On Sat, Jun 15, 2019 at 11:09 AM, Joel Trenalone wrote:
1: I took my Volume-high point right off of the volume pot. Some have taken it from the R70 point on the board. Is there any difference between the two points, or advantage of one over the other? 

2: I have a Nextion display with CEC firmware loaded.  I hooked up the s-meter output to the purple wire A7 into the Arduino. I checked the s -meter box and entered some generic values for calibration in Ubitix manager. I tried the s-meter assistant and with antenna connected clicked the “Read from uBitx” but it just returned a “0”. And i not getting any reading on the Nextion display. What am i

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