Re: Antuino DOA


On Sun, Jun 16, 2019 at 06:15 AM, David Wilcox wrote:
Here is a start:
You may have other problems but check out Mikes note about the power connector.  Also he may be able to help.  I have had other issues and will continue to tinker with mine.  You might try emailing Farhan but he is quite busy now.... working on the final version. and afarhan@...

David J. Wilcox K8WPE’s iPad

I have been on the fence as to whether I was going to want an Antuino, especially after picking up and YouKits FG-01 for a good price in ebay.

That blog post from n2htt just changed my mind; I'm now in the "can't wait until the're available for purchase" camp.

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