Re: AGC Circuit for uBITX Featured in July 2019 QST Magazine

Olivier Grand

Hello Dennis.
I wondering if you can send me a copy of the K1BQT's article on the AGC Circuit for uBITX on page 45 of the July 2019 issue of QST magazine, I am ARRL registered but I can't download it from France.
As you can see on the picture attached, I don't have enough room (even with the IRF510 out of the box) to install the Jack Al Board. I already installed an audio amp with tone control, the VK3YE's AVC, a mike compressor,  the standalone analyser, two 5V rails (one for TX and one for RX) and a Li-Ion battery with protection bard, the rig is still under construction so please excuse the anarchic way of wiring.

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Le mar. 11 juin 2019 à 06:19, Dennis Zabawa <kg4rul@...> a écrit :
On page 45 of the July 2019 issue of QST magazine there is an article on an AGC Circuit for uBITX.  The circuit replaces the uBITX audio amp and adds the AGC functionality.

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