Updated Nextion 5" screens

Mark Hatch


Just added to the files sections an updated version of the KD8CEC Nextion code for the 5" screens (Basic and Enhanced). (Only the 5" Enhanced has been tested, I don't have a 5" basic) This work is an extension to the "heavy lifting" already done by Joe Puma (KD2NFC). 

I couldn't help myself and did some "improvements" to the user interface that Joe and probably others may or may not like. So I have included the HMI file in the directory too so you can make it look your way. If you have a 7" or 9" screens, you should be able t load up the HMI, set the device to match your screen and regenerate the tft file. If you have one of these screens and can't figure it out, let me know.

Files: AJ6CU Nextion 5-inch files/5inch June 10

So summary of major changes that i made from Joe's original effort
  1. Home page
    • Correction of scale for histogram (have more space, so let's use it!)
    • Addition of direct access to memory STO/LOC screens (had to eliminate the Radio tower logo, sorry)
  2. Various
    • In case you had not noticed, the button to get "Home" was in various locations, although not done, I am in the process of moving it to a consistent place (upper right)
    • Scaling changes to Bandscan and Spectrum
    • Various pages required you to hit "read" or "refresh" to go get the data. I made this happen on page entry. Kept the refresh button as this seems to be a little flakey.
    • Tried to introduce a consistent color scheme. Blue background, white letters where you can change, yellow for titles.
    • All screens (except home screen) will eventually have the name of screen in upper right in red.
    • Button pushes go green when pushed and return to grey when released
    • Added a few more scrollbar slider sizes so that the slider fit the slide bar better.
  3. Frequency entry (touch the middle 3 numbers on home page) is now a little more obvious. When you are in direct frequency entry, you only see numbers, When you are in Band select, you only see the bands. 
  4. Memory to VFO redesigned. Seemed easier to use for me. 
  5. VFO to Memory - still don't like this one. Want to make it more like Memory to VFO where you can see all 10 memory slots and then select the one you want to overwrite. For now, just replaced the keyboard with a standard one that pops up when you click in the name and some fancy arrows to spin the mem#.
  6. Although it is against my better judgement, I did make available KD8CEC's debug screen. Tried to warn you off, but i am sure someone will do something awful to his/her poor ubitx using this screen. ;-)
  7. CW setup screen redesign (and it automatically fetches data on startup)

There is some issues... The biggest issue being that when you go into a submenu (e.g. CW setup/MemtoVFO, etc.) the Spectrum Histogram in lower left corner doesn't always automatically restart. If you change any control VFO/Freq, mode, etc.) it restarts.  This is going to be a pain to debug because of the extensive use of timers and state machine in the Nextion code.... Would welcome anybody that can make a suggestion here.

I have also not tested it on a Basic 5". There maybe performance issues, especially where I increased the scale of the graphs.

Still lots of work, want to get rid of some of those background pictures in the control screens that really don't match the others. The bandscan is something I would really like to "adjust" because it was really not obvious to me how it worked. And perhaps even a "?" in upper right of some screens for a little help?  Probably put together another update in a couple weeks.



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