Re: Amateurradiokits Chassis and Grounding

Joe Puma

I have done this. Using a dremel I grinded around  the screw holes from inside for all the case parts and grinded the holes where jacks, pots, antenna ports connect. I did notice a before and after while dong it as far as noise from raduino, nextion screen and RF issues. 

Definitely worth doing. I suggested to Sunil to have these contact points tapped off before painting. From what I understand, it’s not so simple. Dremel away. 


On Jun 11, 2019, at 11:47 AM, jsternmd <jsternmd@...> wrote:

Just got the beautiful, high quality UBitx case for 5: Nextion and assembling.  One thing I notice is that for the many panel mounted components (pots, Mic, Key, Power, etc) there is no ground to the metal case to act as a single ground point.   I am tempted to grind away inside the panels to bare metal and then make sure the UBitx is mounted with an adequate ground to the case.  Has anyone NOT bothered to do this and how is your performance?  No looking for shortcuts but grinding to bare metal will take a lot of time and dust!

TIA  Jerry NY2KW 

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