Re: RX of uBITx V3 fried - which components to change? #ubitx

Sascha Bohnet | DL5SMB

So I am at home again and the troubleshooting begins :-)

Maybe thats's a stupid question, but should there be a DC short within the antenna line between the relais K1 (14) and ground in the signal path?

I first thought Q3 in ND6DTs AGC was dead as I had a short between Ground and RF-Out. I then replaced it and noticed hat that did not help and Q3 had again a short between Source and Drain.

So i took took out the AGC, tried to find the problem on the small PCB and noticed that the short (about 3 Ohm) was in fact on the uBITX itself. I am a bit bad at reading schematics,
but then i found T2, where the signal path 1 is connected to 6 GND . So this is normal beaviour, am I correct?

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