Re: Preliminary results -- W8TEE/AC8GY Mag Loop Testing


I knocked up a 3-turn loop, with an old soviet era vac-cap, total length was 10m of copper tube, and it covered 160m thru' 30m and did work very well, although the bandwidth was so skinny on topband, it did not allow for use of the internal tuner in my rig, tuning slightly off the SSB frequency as auto-tuners do when using a carrier. It just weighed so much that it was impractical. Did manage trans-atlantic on FT8 on Topband using it, so not all bad.

Next i tried using LM400 coax instead of the copper in a single loop, with 2 favourite lengths in the kit and a much smaller Vac-Cap, and i can work 40m thru' 6m by swapping out the coax (basically a long patch lead) and doing a slight tweak to the vari cap. I housed everything in an ABS box with SO239 for the coax loop connected to the cap, and i mount it on a small fibreglass pole, strapping it to whatever is available with luggage/shipping straps when out & about. Sure beats end-feds or tryign to support a vertical or inverted V etc.

I feed all my loops with a ferrite ring BTW, just dangling on the coax loop opposite the cap which is in the ABS box the loop hangs from.

Sure, this ain't no 'Cloudburn 5000 XL-DX Superblast multi-element face-melter' of an antenna, but it punches WAY above it's weight, and if You get lucky, You may even catch something to eat with it.

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