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Mike Kilpatrick <mike.kilpatrick@...>

I’m very new to all this but I’ve twice had the no audio except for encoder clicks. 

First time I found that I had actually lost RF input due to a faulty BNC antenna connector.  Wiggling the coax revealed this. 

The second time I don’t know what caused it but I recovered audio by reloading the V5 firmware. Sounds easy but a nightmare for me 😀

Now I can’t get the unit to retain calibration and BFO settings. 
I guess it really is educational 😀

On 8 Jun 2019, at 15:14, "chuckr@..." <chuckr@...> wrote:

Hi, as mentioned first symptoms was the sudden drop in audio to near nothing after an attempt to wire audio to the mike plug ( second round four pin connector) for digital use. All was working fine until this point , I think i may have caused the Vol-H to get grounded. I have reversed all that I was doing and all wiring etc. to where it was last working at which time the audio would adjust so loud that one would have to cover their ears. For a day or so the audio was  still barely there and you could still tune around . as time went and I tried two lm386 and now the audio is completely gone except for the low clicking of the encoder as it turns.
All i have for testing is a multi-meter. I have checked all wiring for continuity. The radio still tunes and transmits as when it was new a couple weeks ago. I know this info is lacking and not really very tech but I will try to answer / our questions etc.
Thanks much

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