Re: [JackAl] JackAl & uBITX for sale

Jack, W8TEE

Neither. Is a touch screen display and board that adds a bunch of features to the µBITX. Here's a copy of ours:

Inline image

Its features include:

5” or 7” TFT Touch Screen 800x480 TFT Color Display
Dual VFO
S Meter
Real Time Clock (add optional battery)
50 CW Preset Messages, selectable at runtime
Touch Screen Band Selection
Touch Screen Buttons for function selection and control
Dual Encoders: Frequency Tuning, ALS Tuning, Program Input
Frequency Tuning: Standard and ALS Tuning
ALS Tuning: Special tuning using the second encoder. If the frequency increment is set to 1KHz,
    ALS Tuning sets the second encoder to one-tenth the increment of the primary tuning
    rate. This allows for rapid tuning to an approximate frequency using the main encoder
    and then using ALS Tuning with the second encoder to fine tune the signal.
Filter Selection:
    CW presets (3dB bandwidth): 150 Hz, 300 Hz, 400 Hz, 600 Hz
    SSB presets (3dB bandwidth): 1500 Hz, 1800 Hz , 2200 Hz, 3000 Hz
EEprom storage of user preferences and CW code presets
3 external hardware buttons for CW code messages (e.g., contest exchanges)
Based on Teensy 3.6 Microcontroller with Audio Shield
Hardware AGC using IF take-off
Mic Compressor with adjustable threshold
Mic 8-band equalization
Receive Audio Filter
48 dB/octave (8 pole equivalent DSP filters)
2 Variable bandwidth filters – user defined knee frequencies with Rotary Encoder control
Audio AGC with adjustable threshold
Variable Notch filter, encoder adjustable, use specified Q
CW code to Text converter
Code Practice Oscillator Mode
About a dozen I/O pins to play with plus 800K of free flash memory, 200K of free SRAM, all clocked at 180MHz

Jack, W8TEE

On Friday, June 7, 2019, 1:12:43 PM EDT, tmize57@... <tmize57@...> wrote:

For those of us that are not up on versions and models can you provide pictures and a description?  Is this the Antenna Analyzer or QRP transceiver?

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