Updated to a larger Nextion screen

Ian Reeve

I have a V4 board with KD8CEC software on the Arduino and a 2.8" Nextion screen.
This has been working well but I wished to have a larger screen as the case can accomodate a 3.5" one.
Having purchased a Nextion standard (not enhanced) 3.5" screen, I proceeded to download and install via micro sd card,the KN4UD 3.5" tft image as shown on the ubitx.net web pages.
The file loaded and after removing the micro sd card and rebooting the display, got a perfect screen which looked complete.
On connecting to the arduino in the rig using the same 4 wires the various field are not populated.
Clearly I must be missing some thing else that needs to be done.
Plugging the original display back in results in all the info being displayed.
May I have your thoughts
The version is 1.097
Many Thanks

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