Re: 24 volt


A few years back ARRL had a PA contesting aiming for 40 watts or so.  Perhaps you are referring to the design by NM0S?  I can't find the schematic on the web - so this is little help to folk outside US that likely don't belong to ARRL (I wish they would make articles open source after 1 year !)

Here are some comments on it --

Please note some designs are optimized or configured for C -- careful bias adjustment is needed (as in the ubitx) for SSB linearity. 

On the ubitx - given expense of making a full set of 40 watt low pass filters - perhaps consider  building a PA for just 2 or 3 bands - where you may 'need' QRO. 

My first advice on the BITX and uBITX -- enjoy it some as is!  5 watts on 40m SSB can cross oceans when the bands allow. 

73 Curt

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