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Jonas Sanamon

Hi Vaughn,

The rule of thumb is: The smaller the fan, the noisier it is.   If You're short on room for bigger heat sink, is it not possible to lead the heat to the box?

Best Regards,
Jonas - SM4VEY

Den tors 6 juni 2019 kl 16:57 skrev Vaughn <vlkteach@...>:

Hi, got my BITX40 working and all looking good. Looking at doing some improving and read the final stage can be driven from 24 volt to give more transmission  power. It also looked at changing the heat-sink, as more power will produce more heat. I do not have much room for another heat-sink, so I thought I'd add a fan. 

Now the problem I have is the size of the fan. I found a nice PC cooling fan, only some 30mm square, trouble is on fitting it was very noisy., possibly as its a brush less one.

Still like the idea of a fan, so can anyone offer tips on how to remove the rf noise it makes, or where i can get a better fan of a similar size?

Many thanks Vaughn

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