Re: Microphone audio leaking into speaker

Evan Hand

I had a similar issue with 2 of my v4 ubitx.  Traced the problem to RF on the coax shield that I resolved with snap on ferrite chokes on the coax to the antenna.  The antenna is an off center fed dipole (OCFD) that is know to have RF issues without the isolating baluns or ferrite chokes.  I have not tried removing the ferrite chokes for the v5 ubitx, as it is working as is.  Should also note that both of the v4 radios had an added audio amp that could have been part of the feedback issue.  Signal reports prior to the choke addition where distorted audio on transmission as well.  Corrected after the chokes were installed.  That would suggest the the chokes are needed for the v5 as well.

Bought an assortment on Amazon:

The chokes solved the issue for me.  

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