Re: CW Tone change to 700Hz using KD8CEC firmware. #ubitx-help #ubitxcw #calibration


You should be able to set the CW offset by entering 700 in the Nextion CW menu where it says CW Tone. I suspect it is ignoring the 65535 shown there now as an invalid number. You can also do this from the Memory Manager down in the CW section where it looks for the CW Side Tone. If that is blank, that may be where the 65535 gets interpreted. The third way is accessing the setup menu by pressing the encoder button for the menu, selecting setup menu on, then pressing it again and rotating until you see Change CW Tone.

If you have properly selected to offset the receiver when in CW mode, as indicated by your VFO changing from when in SSB, then the CW tone for receive is also used for your receiver offset. None of this should affect your BFO or calibration.


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