CW Tone change to 700Hz using KD8CEC firmware. #ubitx-help #ubitxcw #calibration

derek (G4VWI)

Can someone outline how to alter the CW Tone offset frequency from 800Hz to 700Hz using the KD8CEC firmware please.

I am confused by the conflicting data presented in the CW setup. Frequency and BFO calibration appear to be good but having fitted a filter for CW centred on 700Hz I need to alter the "tone". Does the second display show the side tone frequency or does this set the CW offset?

When changing from LSB to CWL I see the 800Hz change in displayed frequency as expected from the memory manager settings and from the data shown in the bottom left hand grid on the TFT display (800Hz).  Using the "menu" button on the encoder I can't seem to find a CW Tone(offset) function. I am concerned NOT to upset the calibration settings elsewhere. Can this be set within the KD8CEC or memory manager? Not sure what the latest version is!

Thanks Derek G4VWI

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