Re: HFSignals poor business practices

Arv Evans

On-line information can read by using features of the computer to magnify text and image size.  If available, a large screen TV usually can be connected to your computer to show things in larger format.  

Todays kids are more smart than we sometimes realize.  Convincing a grandchild to help with small parts  can be a productive way to get your transceiver working and at the same time introduce them to ham radio.  

I will leave it up to Farhan to comment on replacement parts, shipping costs, etc. 


On Mon, Jun 3, 2019, 7:19 PM <ke6bgn@...> wrote:
I took a look at the HFSignals web site and specifically the BITX40 pages too, that's why I took the route that I did.
I sent my email to hfsignals email because it was not a technical issue I wanted resolved, but a matter dealing with the condition of the product that I purchased. I wanted to know how they would resolve the issue, since I received a defective unit. I didn't need any of the collective wisdom to sort out a technical problem.
As I stated before, due to my eyesight, winding and soldering such a small item would be fools folly for me.
I'm just going to let the damned thing sit in the dark until it fixes itself.

73 de RC.....KE6BGN

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