Re: What's a Reason for less Power Output ONLY get 4W on 80m?.., 3-4W on 40/20m, 1W on 15/12/10m #ubitx #ubitx-help

iz oos

Once my Drake was delivering just 70 watts... I thought it was the age... Nope... There was a bad solder in my SWR PWR.... and the power was back to 140w! This is to say not to always trust in power meter.

Il 03/giu/2019 15:48, "sdr freak" <sdrfreak55@...> ha scritto:
How to check the Filters for failure that lowering the power output ? In the software i use CEC 1.08 is an option in the programm ubitx manager with the filter value and now i think about the value if is not right then the low power output is produced by this way or is that an other way you mean with check the filter..

When the power output (ssb and cw) is max 5w at 80m and 4w max on 40m and 20m, but only 1w or 1.5w on 15m and 10m and the messuare with the Dummy Load and on many antenna tested with 2 different Tuner and every time the power is same and not higher, what should i check in the ubitx circuit for V oder A or mA value at few points to figure out the issue at which point it is, are there any value i should messuare on the board, to help me better? 

The oscilloscope, i thought could be useful for see the modulation to set the right value on RV1 i thought, when see how many grade of modulation, to keep not over modulation but use the maximum power for RV2 and RV3, but the messuare should figure the maximum modulation point in sine wave looks good. Is this right and which way you connect the ubitx transmitter to an oscilloscope for see the modulation grade in rv1 is ok? ubitx-》dummyload-》attenuator-》oscilloscope ? The rv1 is select to a sine wave before over modulation it, and then should be the power output in the original ubitx over 10w on 80m and 40m, but not only 5w? 

The RV2 and RV3 is set like hfsignals was say, and even when i set rv1 to max ccw then the power is not much more, perhaps 1w more than before on the band messuared

The R63 resistor 47ohm, to this i soldered and 47ohm resistor parallel in hope for more output but only the mic speaking would be better then before i eat the mic to have output and now it was able to speaking in normaly volume but the same 5w output power. 

(mic gain soldered a 47ohm parallel to the R63)

Ok i hope for any answer. Thanks.

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