Re: Nextion 5/Enhanced for KD8CEC 1.2?

Joe Puma

Mark I am catching up with your progress and it looks like you are doing great. I haven’t make any updates on my end.  

Not sure if you had a look at the bandscope but the sliders range don’t match with the visible bandwidth. You are much better at this then I so I appreciate your work so far. I will redo the graphics for the dsp page and I think that’s about it. 


On May 30, 2019, at 10:02 AM, Mark Hatch <mark2382@...> wrote:

Note for future.... Perhaps the new nano would make a difference...

Unfortunately, even though we have a higher resolution screen, cannot get any more data out of the I2Cmeter. Tried doubling FFT and Samplesize and ran out of memory. So larger screens are stuck with same amount of data, no finer resolution possible (unless I make room by disabling the morse code translator) and so the display of the spectrum will be blocky.  

Wonder if it would be possible to add yet another nano and split the decode and spectrum information? KD8CEC any thoughts?


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