Re: Sunil cases

Ian Reeve

I would say that's not right,normal convention would be to cut off the internal speaker.I my ubitx I have not used the little pcb,there may be a issue with the wiring or the pcb design.I do know that with the version I had,the headphones when plugged in only worked on one ear.A link is needed on the board to get audio on both ears.I have wired the three sockets directly to the appropriate wires.

From: <> on behalf of Sam Tedesco <stedesco619@...>
Sent: Sunday, June 2, 2019 5:58:01 PM
Subject: [BITX20] Sunil cases
Hi everyone,

So...I have 2 builds in Sunil cases. One has an audio amp. The other does not.

On both cases... when I plug in external speaker/headphones, the internal speaker stays on.



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