Re: HFSignals poor business practices

Arv Evans


Could you provide us with the email address that you sent your complaint to?  That might help
with determining what went wrong.  How many times did you request help from that email site?

Was the inductor damaged in shipping, or does it look like it was a manufacturing flaw  (each
unit is tested for basic functionality before being shipped). 

Have you considered re-winding the core and soldering it back in place as a replacement for
the damaged one?

I took a look at the HFSignals web site and specifically the BITX40 pages:

Getting Help

If you are interested or building any of the HF Signals’ kits, you can join the BITX20 group by visiting That’s the only support we provide.  The level of collective wisdom and experience on the Forum is enough to sort out almost any technical problem or question you may have. You will also meet some really great builders on the Forum.

If you need information specific to your shipping, billing and other commercial matters, you can drop us a mail to hfsignals’ inbox at gmail. The mailbox is in the name of hfsignals followed by the regular

That site clearly says that the discussion group is the place to go for support, not the HFSignals
sales site.  You are now at that site so support should be available from many of us here on this group. 

If your toroid core is not broken it would be possible to re-wind it and solder that in place as a replacement.
If HFSigs were to send you a new inductor you would still have to solder it in place, so re-winding the damaged
one and soldering it in place would be a similar effort.  Wire size is not critical for toroid inductors, as long as
it can handle the necessary current and as long as the correct number of turns through the center hole can be
Others will also probably have support suggestions that you may want to follow.  It might help if they knew
specifically which inductor was damaged.   This can be noted by component number or by its position on
the PCB.  A picture sometimes helps to make things clearer.

Arv  K7HKL

On Sun, Jun 2, 2019 at 8:42 AM <ke6bgn@...> wrote:
They also state on their webpage, the email address of the only place you can get support. My bitx40 board arrived with 1 of the toroids ripped from the board. I emailed them about it at the provided email address, and to this day, months later, bupkis........nada, zip, nothing, no reply. That type of support from the vendor excites me in the wrong direction, so much so, that I refuse to recommend their services to anyone. It also really drained my enthusiasm for the project I was going to build.
I understand that the vast majority of folks have a good experience dealing with this vendor, but it does seem to me that if something goes wrong with your initial purchase, the experience is not handled well by that same vendor most of time.
As always, your mileage may vary, but my gas tank is on fumes now from their underwhelming support.

73 de RC.....KE6BGN 

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