Re: HFSignals poor business practices

Don - KM4UDX

Dear Arv Evans -- I have just read and re-read your post. I humbly share two thoughts with you.

First, your ability to communicate effectively is unmatched - whoever got you started on writing did one heck of a job. I'm going to study your stuff, well done. And thank you very very much for your eloquent commentary.  You have written a guide for all of us.

Second, you have spot on played out my experience with this group.  As a liberal arts major, I come this very technical field with more enthusiasm than expertise. For example: Based on the sheer volume of spurs/out of band comments, I was briefly obsessed with adding inductors (what ever they are?) and other little doohickeys to get the rig under control.  Then I learned to just keep the drive level down, and presto, I have a fully functioning, computer control, viable wonderful little kit radio.  Indeed, only the folks with issues tend to write. So getting a general lay of the land from reading  posts is a fool's errand. 

Arv, you rock, thank you.


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