Re: Preliminary results -- W8TEE/AC8GY Mag Loop Testing

Alan de G1FXB

apologies for the seemingly random inclusion of question marks, some are mine some not......

there is no pattern, some are embedded in by use of tab key, other appear in the interspace, but not everytime.

Not changed any setting but the I don't have-to other than let Win10 update do it....

Lets see if another device does the same?


On 01/06/2019 22:24, Alan de G1FXB via Groups.Io wrote:

Hi Alison,

I recall you done antenna R&D.

RE my comments: feeder radiation?? etc,?? and one of the examples I was eluding to:-

Ever have reason to look at the work of Ted Hart?? W5QJR ? EH antennas in either their or your commercial or hobby capacity?

Perhaps 5, never as many as 10 vearment supporters & no one else in the world could get them to work however "tweaky" the MKII / MKIII designs evolved

Had a massive US Mil. grant for their R&D, nothing. Failed to convince the IEEE with all their techno babble papers as to the theory?

However I bet they have nice retirement homes......

Maybe I'm an old fashioned dinosaur?

Way off topic... but "Do they work?"

a quick yes or no will suffice.?? :-)

--- .???? --- --- ---

regards Alan


On 01/06/2019 21:28, ajparent1/KB1GMX wrote:
Alan de G1FXB,

Your correct.?? any testing and I've done a lot with small loops you need lots of??
"shield breakers" or choking to remove the COAX shield as a possible secondary
coupling making it an undesired array and often clouding results or minimally
distorting patterns greatly.

If the RF source is small and self contained it can be at or very near the
feed point and make the problem easier.?? Same applies for receivers
as well.

Generally Loops, large or small, are considered self contained antennas not
requiring ground planes or counterpoises.?? However in the real world those
will exist.?? As a result supports or cables and the very existence of the
ground below it do influence the results.


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