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Jack, W8TEE

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It's useful for testing because listeners around the world function as spotters and can give you a signal report.

Jack, W8TEE

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What's RBN?

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Today we began testing Al's new mag loop (ML) design, shown here:

Inline image

It's a 40-30-20M "luggable" loop. It's about 3' in diameter, breaks down so it fits in a car, and we can get almost 1.1:1.0 on all three bands with our remote controller. (Peter Parker might use it on the beach down under, but most of us won't use it as a walkable antenna.) We ran some tests today and did see RBN reports so we know it radiates. However, it's not waterproof yet and the rains moved in...again. We plan on testing later today starting at 3PM EST on 7.050MHz. We will be transmitting on two antennas: 1) the ML and 2) an EFHW in an attempt to get some meaningful comparisons. We expect to run about 20W of power. We will alternate between the two, but you won't know which is which. After about 45 minutes and it the weather holds, we will move up to 14.080MHz to repeat the tests.

If you have time around then, use the RBN to report what you're hearing. We'd really appreciate it!

Jack, W8TEE

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