Re: Power supply for Biix40?

Ian Reeve

From a UK point of view, the mains plug is absolutely non compliant having no internal replaceable fuse.

I have seen this type of plug before on equipment and absolutely would immediately replace it with a compliant plug.

I can of course not comment on any plug moulded for connection to any other countries mains supply.


It is also a concern that there seems to be a lack of safety markings.


I would look elsewhere. Switching mode power supplies generally generate unwanted qrm which you would not want when receiving weak radio signals.


Just my thoughts about the UK version




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I don't see any safety marks (UL, ETL, CE, etc.) for something that plugs into the mains.

On Thu, May 30, 2019 at 11:21 AM John Cardoso <ve9pct@...> wrote:
Hi folks,
Can I use a switching power supply like this one
to work without problems on Bixt40?
Thanks in advance

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