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Don - KM4UDX

okay, so after a day (almost) of back and fourth, it was clear to me that only COM7 was loved by the uBITX cat control.  I finally threw in the towel (I didn't even know I had a towel!) and deep in the advanced device manager setting you can manually assign a comport to a device.  I set it back to COM7, got an error that it was in use already, said darn the torpedoes, did it anyway, reboot, reset fldigi device to COM7, and presto.

Both usb sound dongle and usb cat control now work under 10Win.  Just to push the line, I added one more little usb bluetooth device for my logitech mouse and keyboard.  And now all four functions work on one usb hub: sound card, ubix cat control, mouse, keyboard. Whew!  What a night mare. Who would want to figure this stuff out??

So thanks Nigel and Doug.

Nigel, I too think the arduno should not be powered by the usb cat control.  So you "cut the red wire".  Did it make any difference, actually? Should I do that as well?

Now, on to the Atomic Pi (a rasberry pi clone, sort of) and Lubuntu.  My goal is to have a dedicated computer just for wsjtx (WSPRnet!!) and fldigi, then I will build a new enclosure containing BOTH the uBIX and the Atomic Pi and the usb hub. Then I will have a total integrated portable package. And I will free my old win10 laptop from uBIX bondage.

I know nothing about lunix, or Lubuntu. Zip. Nada. I'm not even sure I'm spelling them right.  But I did get Lunbutu (the OS) installed and working on the AtomicPi. and I got Fldigi installed, but not working due to the Atomic Pi having only USB port so I couldn't get control and sound working.  So now you see why I'm going to take the usb hub, with uBIX, sound, mouse, keyboard from the old Win10 laptop, to the new cool AtomicPi.

I'm sure with a few hundreds of hours of tinkering, messing, trying, failing, errors, redos, and a little help, it might work. If not, I'm only out $38, and a few hundred hours. ahahah. 

Thanks you!!!!

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