Re: single usb for cat control & sound card #ubitx #ubitx-help #arduino #cat

Don - KM4UDX

Doug and Nigel, yes so I'm trying to copy at least Nigel, and many others (which is good news).

As suggested, Win10 reassigned the cat com port from COM7 to COM13 when I put the cat usb cable into the usb hub.  No problems, I just change the com port in fldigi rig device control to COM13...but no.  While COM13 shows up in the dropdown list, and I can select it, nothing happens. After I do hit the save button  (which gets a thin dash outline, and just sits there), or click Save Config on the tab, no changes take effect. After I close fldig, and open it up, there are no changes in config. Hamlib is unchecked, and com13 is not selected. 

So it seems like I can't save the config, or there is some reason why I can't really select COM13 with the usb hub?  Is there something else I am doing?

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