Re: single usb for cat control & sound card #ubitx #ubitx-help #arduino #cat

Nigel G4ZAL

I think I was one of the first to add an 'all-in-one' USB solution inside a uBitx with a small 4 port hub?  I also did the 'cut the red wire' at that time.
I had posted it here...

and it also exists on, here...

I do find that Windozey 10 has a habit of changing the COM port (serial port) on some boot-ups, eg one time it will be on COM5 and next boot it will assign COM6 - just something to be wary of.

I also made a similar box that sits externally on my FT817ND and has a 4 port hub inside with the USB sound card, USB Serial adapter and a USB GPS dongle, I use the GPS for accurate timekeeping via BkTimeSync - - works great when operating /P as it gives you your locator.


Nigel - G4ZAL


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