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Don - KM4UDX

hello!  When i got my sound card dongle and cat control working each in their own USB port on my Win10 laptop, I almost fainted from uBITX joy. It is reliable and works well. So time to move on. Hahah. 

 I now need to get the two usb devices working from one USB port on the computer. Every time I try to combine the cat control usb with my sound card dongle usb into a powered hub (or unpowered) so I can use just one USB port in my laptop, the sound works but the cat control doesn’t. I’ve tried messing with com ports, etc, but I eventually give up and go back to using separate USB ports on the old laptop. 

I’ve seen a post where a usb hub was used successfully to combine sound card and cat control, but I can’t duplicate the results. 

What am I doing wrong? What clue have I missed? What stupid user error?

Why do do I need to do this? Well...

After I get the single USB port solution on working on my win10 laptop, i’ll transition to a new   single board computer (atomic pi) with only ONE native USB port.  

Thank you you all for the help. 

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